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What is logotovector.net and important tips!

Logotovector.net is specialized in converting various file formats such as jpg, png, giff, tiff, pdf files manually to an EPS file (vector) which are suitable for printing printed matter, promotional gifts, stickers and various other advertising materials. 

Just upload your file and we will vectorize it  within 12 hours  !

You will receive the following  vector files: EPS, AI, SVG and PDF. 

👉 Gradients are not 100% supported.

👉 The larger you upload, the better the result.

👉 Shadows are not 100% supported.

👉 CMYK is not 100% supported, upload RGB.

Our Customer Reviews

Everything received in a very short time and thank you for a very nice price


My logo was perfect but I also wanted it in red. this was no problem and within 5 minutes I had the red logo!


my order was responded quickly and within a short time my logo was converted into a vector file


What are vectors?

A vector image is an image type that is infinitely extensible. This is very useful for use on business card printing, flyers and much more. In contrast, an image is very limited, it has a maximum size and then the image becomes ugly and out of focus.

A normal image or bitmap logo is made up of all small pixels. If you want to enlarge it, the computer suddenly has to create more pixels and it does not know how you want it and the image becomes blurry.

In a vector image, they are not pixels, but dots with a (colored) line in between. This distance is determined by means of mathematical calculations, so that the vector image keeps its shape well and can therefore be increased infinitely.

An additional advantage of a logo or image in vectors is that the size of the file remains very small, so you can easily send a logo via (for example) an email because it is often only a few mb large.

Convert JPG to EPS Logo

  • We will manually convert your  JPG  file to an  EPS, AI, SVG  and  PDF  vector file
  • Your  EPS file  is suitable for all types of Printing, Stickers, Embroidery, Engraving etc.
  • The  EPS file  can be enlarged indefinitely,  without loss of quality