What is vectorizing?

Vectorizing is the art of converting raster images to line art. Raster images are made up of pixels and cannot be enlarged without loss of quality. A line drawing is a drawing made up of points connected to lines, curved or not. When you move a point, the line automatically moves along. For example, a vector image can be enlarged indefinitely without any loss of quality. In vector images you can also easily make changes like: adjust colors, edit elements or texts or add, etc. Vector images are usually made with professional programs such as CorelDraw or AdobeIllustrator.

What are the advantages of a vector file

A vector drawing (made or converted in vector format) is:

Resolution independent:  a vector image has no pixelation, no loss of detail and can be printed in any resolution.

Size independent:  a vector image can be enlarged or reduced indefinitely without any loss of quality.

Can be easily updated or changed:  all elements in a vector image such as color, shapes, texts, etc. can be easily modified.

Do you offer me revision?

Yes We will do unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied and happy. you can request revision via email after we deliver final file to you.

What if I have a complex image, like a photography?

Please know that every image has it’s own particularities. also, it depends all on your objective and the final work you want to get.
if you have a complex image, like photos, or abstract designs, sketches or similar, please contact us before ordering. we will always answer ASAP.

Which file formats can I provide.

For vectorization you can supply all common formats such as:
You can also send a word exelpps or pdf document containing the bitmap.
You may also send us a scanned logo (resolution min. 300dpi). If your logo is on your website, you can also simply send us the link (url) of the website.

Who can use your services.

Everyone can use our services, both private persons and companies. Vectorizing is especially interesting for companies that deal with graphic files a lot, such as: printing houses, letterers, engravers, advertising agencies, etc.

Can I provide an example on paper.

Yes, that’s possible. In this case we prefer to have the largest and sharpest example possible (max A4). It can also be a business card or the header of your stationery. You can also send us a scanned logo (resolution min. 300dpi). If your logo is on your website, you can also simply send us the link (url) of the website.

How does the payment happen.l Title

After you place an order and agree with the price, you will be linked to the payment module. After payment, you will receive an invoice for the assignment and we will start immediately.

For regular and regular customers, we provide payment after invoicing. The vector files are sent immediately after we have received the order.

Can I see the vectorized result before I pay.

If you wish, we will send you an example of the vectorized file in PNG or JPG format.

How long will delivery take?

We will always look to deliver as soon as possible.
Mainly it’s depends on the logo you uploaded. Some logo may take minutes, some may take more time.
Anyway, We always looking to work around 6-12 Hour.

What exactly happens after ordering?

We have experienced graphic designers, after you purchase order, they will manual redrew your low quality logo fileto high quality vector formats.

What are the available vector formats.

Normally we deliver your vector file in EPS format, if you want a different format please mention this in your request.

We can supply the following vector files:

  • EPS – Encapsulated Postscript
  • CDR – Corel Draw
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator
  • WMF – Windows Metafile
  • EMF – Enhanced Windows Metafile
  • CMX – Corel Presentation Exchange
  • PDF – Portable Document Format
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